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This stunning country house sits just outside a typical Cotswold village in Warwickshire. The bungalow that was originally there was demolished and a new, traditional, two storey, family home built in its place. A triple garage sits to the right of the property and an annexe to the left. The property was built using a mix of our own Cotswold stone, detailed with hand-crafted ashlar stone heads, cills and quoins. The two column natural stone portico at the front of the property makes a grand statement. Sandstone paving provides a continuous finish around the property and complements the beautiful landscaping. The front entrance paving has a bullnose edge for a softer finish. A hand-carved, natural stone fireplace with slate side slips and outer hearth takes centre stage in the living room, providing a great focal point, as well as warmth in the colder months.

Stone specified:  Grange Hill Grey and Cream Mix with ashlar stone dressings and portico
Exterior paving:  Huddersfield Sandstone 50mm sawn
Interior:  Natural stone fireplace with slate side slips and outer hearth
Sector:  Private residential

Project Manager: Louise Kelleher (Owner)
Architectural Consultant: Roger Burns Design Consultancy
Photography credit: Adam Carter Photography


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