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  1. The stones detailed on this consignment have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the customer, or in absence of a specification to the contrary.

  2. Each stone has undergone quality checks to establish overall face dimensions, squareness, and appearance.  Any natural blemishes will have been filled unless specifically requested by the customer to remain untreated.

  3. We strongly recommend that an appropriate lime mortar is used for our limestone building products to protect the masonry and allow for movement and thermal expansion.  We do not accept liability for any problems that result from not using the correct mortar.

  4. APS Masonry Ltd will not accept responsibility for damage unless reported within three working days after the date indicated overleaf, acknowledging receipt by the customer or his agent.  No responsibility for loss will be accepted after the date of receipt.

  5. The stones have been inspected visually and are thought to be free from any internal cracks and fissures.  However, should it become apparent that there are inherent faults, the customer will indemnify APS Masonry Ltd against recovery of any direct or consequential losses resulting from the fault.

  6. APS Masonry Ltd shall retain ownership of the above materials until such time as payment is received in accordance with the order.

  7. APS Masonry Ltd shall retain insurance cover on the goods until such time as the customer takes receipt of the materials.

  8. If working from your designs and specifications, you are wholly responsible.  We do not accept liability for the wrong stone choice.

Please refer to our ‘Good building practice when working with limestone’ guide on our website, for detailed advice on stone storage etc.


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