Stonemasonry Services to the Trade

APS Masonry provides stonemasonry services both for and alongside other stonemasonry and building companies, giving these projects the same care and attention as the most prestigious of our client-commissioned undertakings.

Our stone yard offers up to date stone cutting and profiling equipment which we are able to put to use for others in the industry who, for whatever reason, might lack the capacity in their own workshops to carry out some of the requirements of a project. Our stonemasonry services to the trade have typically involved high volume stonecutting; for example, the manufacture of stone staircases, balustrading and columns, which can be carried out speedily using CNC profiling.

However, not all work for the trade is of a repetitive nature; since the same technology can be used to produce one-off pieces, we have often been required to produce faithful reproductions of decayed architectural detailing for conservation and restoration projects. Items cut for others in the trade can be supplied to whatever stage of manufacture is required, being either shipped for finishing or they can be finished by our own apprentice trained banker masons.

We strongly recommend that an appropriate lime mortar is used with all our limestone building products to protect the masonry and allow for movement and thermal expansion. We do not accept liability for any problems that result from not using the correct mortar. Please see our guide “Working with Limestone – Good Building Practice” for further information.

Examples of services to the trade

Ashlar Blocks


Columns, Pilasters and Capitals