New Build

It is important when embarking on any major project to involve the professional team, so that each is able to contribute their expertise at an appropriate point.  This is particulary so when undertaking the construction of a new building.  By involving APS Masonry early in the process, we are able to comment on aspects of the design and advise on selecting the most suitable stone for you.

Whilst we have an excellent network of stone suppliers we are not connected to any one stone source and will produce, deliver and fix stonework for your new stone building using most limestones and some sandstones.  Our ‘stock’ stones are Portland, which is very popular for London projects, Bath, used for many projects in Oxford and the Cotswolds and York, which is often used for landscaping.  We also work regularly with French limestones such as Massangis, Portuguese Moca Creme and a wide selection of other British and imported stones.

We strongly recommend that an appropriate lime mortar is used with all our limestone building products to protect the masonry and allow for movement and thermal expansion. We do not accept liability for any problems that result from not using the correct mortar. Please see our guide “Working with Limestone – Good Building Practice” for further information.

Elements of New Build Work

New Build and Extensions

External Stone Detailing

Columns, Pilasters and Capitals