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External Stonework

The exterior of a building is an important statement and will not only be the first impression for most who see it, but also an enduring one, influencing how it will be perceived for years to come.   The skilled selection, workmanship and fixing of the stone are all paramount in delivering the quality of finish that will help ensure that the first impression is the best it can be. It is therefore invaluable to have on board an experienced stone contractor who you can trust.

APS Masonry has experience in supplying a wide variety of external stonework including ashlar blocks and facings, columns and pilasters, window and door surrounds and architectural details such as cornices, labels, finials and bands. We also provide stone for hard landscaping such as paving, steps, fountains, planters and staddle stones.

External stonework

External Stone Detailing

Columns, Pilasters and Capitals

Ashlar blocks


Window and Door Surrounds

Landscaping Features